Sunday, February 6, 2011

Female Families and the KY Derby

Family 4, possibly dating back to the Layton Violet Barb mare, is one of the more prolific lines in thoroughbred history. Seventeen horses from this group, dating from 1895 (Halma) to 2001 (Monarchos), have won the Kentucky Derby. Five members each from the branches of 4-m (Magnolia) and 4-r (Cub Mare) have been successful, with two representatives from 4-d (Manganese) and 4-n (St. Marguerite), and one each from 4, 4-c (Maniac) and 4-e (Fair Helen).

My #1 horse right now, To Honor And Serve, comes out of family 4-r (Cub Mare) who also produced Monarchos. Here's your Derby winner!! LOL! I hope so 'cuz I've been on this guy since last October and I love his pedigree. His sire, Bernardini, also comes out of family 4 (4-m, Magnolia).

My #2 horse right now is Elite Alex and he comes out of the 4-d family (Manganese).

A strong branch in modern times is Family 8 (Bustler Mare). Four members each from 8-c (Woodbine) and 8-f (Remembrancer Mare) and three from 8-h (Atalanta) have taken the Belmont Trophy. The earliest member was Vito in 1928 and continues through to 2007 with Rages to Riches. Additionally, Better Than Honour, the only mare to have produced two Belmont Stakes winners is included in the 8-f group.

My #4 horse, Tapizar, comes from family 8-c (Woodbine).

So, as of today (02/06/11) my top 10 horses are as follows:

1) To Honor And Serve
2) Elite Alex
3) Sway Away
4) Tapizar
5) Dialed In
6) Casper's Touch
7) Machen
8) Rogue Romance
9) Brethren
10) Wilkinson/Bench Points

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